Seven Peaks Entertainment

Welcome, Ji Aayaanu, Swagatam,  to my website and feel free to go through the contents and leave a message or note or just contact me to say hello, be a friend or fan.

The website in essence is a window into my world as an actor and film maker. A world that I got into as a college student and then as a film critic and after many a wandering years again came back to. My destiny it seems is tied to the Silver Screen and the Black Screen which is the world of TV and Cinema and the world of Cameras.

I am happy, content and fortunate enough to have had a good amount of success both as an actor and film maker and got opportunities to work with people like Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks on the sets of “Terminal.”Lucky enough to work on the sets of Pirates of the Caribbean being hand picked as a Core Pirate for both II and III. You will see me dressed as a pirate in some of the photos on the website.

From JAG to Alias, ER, Scrubbs to major hits like Taken ( in which I am opposite Liam Neeson in one of the opening scenes of the movie and which I consider a Singular Honour given me), to producing films that won awards like “The Gold Bracelet” and cutting edge comedy like “Touch Wood”, I have had numerous opportunities to appear on the Big and Small screen.

I have had the august privelege to work with such celebrities like Sean Lennon on his Video Album
“Friendly Fire”.  In that video album I had the good fortune to work and inter act with stars like Lindsay Lohan and Carrie Fisher among others. I am also one of the actors in some of the videos.

I must express here my gratefulness to all the Producers and Directors, my friends, who gave me the opportunties and who showed confidence in me and extended their support with out hesitation. I shall not put down names here as they are many and any inadvertent slip on my part could hurt some one.

Suffice to say I shall always be grateful to God and all those who let me get to where I am now.
The website only covers a part of my checkered , vagabond life and In the Blogs and links I shall allude to the other aspects that cover a wide range of activities. To many who know me it seems I have lived many lives in one time span... I have yet a long way to go..
“The woods are lovely dark and deep and I have many promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep.”

Blessings to one and all